The ultimate luxury SUV: Bentley Bentayga is unveiled in Hong Kong

Meticulously created, and all the way from its hometown in Crewe, United Kingdom, the glistening new Bentley Bentayga was revealed on Tuesday in an unveiling ceremony on the verandah of The Repulse Bay hotel, Hong Kong.

The Bentayga is primarily a sport utility vehicle, which is not only just as luxurious as any other Bentley model but also redefines all preconceptions of a typical SUV.

The signature B-shaped wings inspire the interior design.
The signature B-shaped wings inspire the interior design.

The Bentayga might have been designed to suit rough off-road terrain but it also has all the details which make it perfectly fitting for life in the city. Its constructed with lightweight aluminium that makes it a swift and agile drive — ideal for the busy highways of Hong Kong.

This model is Bentley’s newest concept to date and is rumoured to be paving the way for a new generation of multifunctional luxurious cars. The particular attention to precision and details make it an unparalleled driving experience. Traffic Sign Recognition, Reverse Traffic Warning and Pedestrian Warning are just a few of the driving assistive touches that complement the car. It also comes with fully adaptive headlights with built-in washers and the signature four-headlight Bentley ID.

Perfect for a slick city drive.
The SUV is still unmistakably a Bentley.

The Bentayga’s opulent experience is consistent both inside and out. The exterior has a muscular frame and a breathtaking panoramic glass roof, ideal for countryside excursions. Its 12-Cylinder Engine means it can zoom from 0-100km/h in just 4.1 seconds and the interior fabric is inspired by quilted hunting jackets. The comfort of the seats are comparable with a typical luxurious Bentley interior and the cutting edge sound system and technology in the rear seats all add to the modern comforts that every driver wants and needs.

Removable 10.2" Android tablets with 4G, wifi and Bluetooth.
Removable 10.2″ Android tablets with 4G, wifi and Bluetooth.

Sitting in the car is a truly sensational as well as aesthetically-pleasing experience. The comfort of the seats and the arrangement of the amenities are perfect for a long drive for a weekend in the mountains yet also offers all the capabilities of a car suited for a sleek city drive. There is also the option of bespoke customer requirements with a beautiful range of natural materials, leathers and threads to choose from to make this new Bentayga your Bentayga.

A choice from 15 interior trim hides to personalise your Bentayga.
A choice from 15 interior trim hides to personalise your Bentayga.

What’s in a name? The name ‘Bentayga’ — which raised a lot of attention at its unveiling — has an endearing etymology which suits its purpose perfectly. Inspired by the Taiga snow forests which span across the entire Northern Hemisphere, it seems a fitting name for an adventurous vehicle headed for global admiration. The prefix is self-explanatory: a Bentley should after all, be proud to be a Bentley.

A pioneering design for an adventurous Bentley lifestyle.
A pioneering design for an adventurous Bentley lifestyle.

So for everyone who has been waiting for an SUV motor with all the luxuries of a classic Bentley, this long-awaited vehicle has arrived. Whether you plan to endure the Taiga forests on an off-roading adventure or weave through skyscrapers one weekend for a chic city ride, the Bentayga will ensure Bentley luxury will accompany you through both.


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